Rigid Global Buildings

Rigid Global Buildings is an international metal building manufacturing company located in Houston, Texas. Rigid manufacturers metal buildings, steel buildings, pre-engineered buildings, metal roof panels and metal wall panels. In addition to the extensive metal component line up, Rigid also offers two options in renewable energy roofing through crystalline solar panels and laminate solar panels.

With locations throughout the globe, Rigid offers exceptional customer service to all of our customers. Rigid has become known in the industry as the metal building company that takes on the complex complicated projects. Rigid’s engineering department, and satellite engineering and drafting locations in Manila and Shanghai, focus on the latest trends and building codes in the industry to insure your building is designed to the highest quality standards including the latest IAC-AC472 certification for metal buildings.


On a hot summer Houston day in 1990, two engineers, Fred Campana and Alex Ghodsi, decided to pursue the American dream. Having risen to the top of their professions in their chosen industry Fred and Alex took the plunge and invested the five dollars necessary to start an Engineering Consulting firm, Rigid Structures. This five dollars was the only money privately invested in the company.

In 1993 with the investment capital beginning to accumulate from the consulting business, the owners expanded the business with the formation of Rigid Building Systems.

Rigid Building Systems was formed to develop the front end of a metal building company. Personnel were hired for building sales, estimating, contracts and detailing.

It was at this time the owners realized the significance of employing highly skilled and qualified professionals to guide each project through every department in the company.

With time, dedication and hard work, Rigid had become known as a company that could consistently outperform their competition in terms of economics and speedy delivery.

On June 12, 1995, five years after starting the consulting business, Rigid opened the doors to its brand new manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas.

Rigid incorporated the best in methods of production, purchasing and service. The result gave Rigid’s customers much more value than they could receive anywhere else in the industry.

Throughout the years Rigid continued to see growth and expansion in the metal building industry. In 2008, the steel industry faced a significant impact with the price of steel rising at a volatile rate along with the downturn in the economy – Rigid was no exception to these occurrences. In order to secure the stability of the company, Fred and Alex realized the company needed to broaden their horizons and expand into the international market. On January 11, 2011, Rigid Building Systems officially became Rigid Global Buildings. This transition into the global market brought financial stability as well as a means to reach a larger international audience.

Rigid has continually improved product quality and leads the industry in service, something we will continue to strive for in the years to come.

Our Mission Statement

Working united as a team, we examine our internal business operations with the intent to encourage innovation and strive towards the ultimate achievement…EXCELLENCE.

Excellence is not an occurrence, it is the product of the conscientious efforts of our employees.