Metal Roof Systems

Rigid Global Buildings roof systems are designed and manufactured using the latest technologies to accommodate both normal and high wind speeds. Please take into consideration you locations’ wind and snow loads when selecting a metal roof system. All of Rigid’s metal roof panels will meet anticipated changes in building codes and resist seam failure. Insulated metal roof panels are available for low temperature applications. In addition, Rigid’s metal roof systems are designed with energy efficiency and economy in mind which is why all of our color selections are Energy Star approved. We understand how confusing it can be to choose the right metal roof system for your specific needs, so please give Wayne a call at 250-613-9015 to help guide you in your selection.

Standard Roof Panel Profiles “PBR” Panel  PBR-Panel_Rigid_metal_roof_wall_panel_metal_buildingr-roof-detail

“M” and “PBM” Panel (“PBM” shown)

Platinum Series Standing Seam Metal Roof

Rigid’s Platinum Series metal roof system is a revolutionary patented standing seam system that incorporates two unique seams.  The Triple-Lok seam for normal wind speeds and the Quad-Lok for coastal areas and other high wind speed zones.  The Platinum Series incorporates a double seam, double hook side lap design to resist seam failure between supports and side lap unfurling and unzipping. It is a metal roof system with tremendous strength designed to withstand the most strenuous uplift testing and highest velocity wind speeds. Combine that with its aesthetic appeal which is a favorite of architects and building owners alike, and you have an unsurpassed panel in look and quality.  Available in all of Rigid’s Energy Star approved Spectralite 3000 Fluoropon 70%, Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 colors. The Platinum Series offers you a wide range of colors to enhance the beauty of your project and give you unsurpassed coating performance for continued beauty year after year.

Hi-Tech Series Standing Seam Roof

Rigid has used the latest technology available to develop a metal roof system that’s designed for today’s applications but also tomorrow’s upcoming technology; with components and techniques that outperform others by specifically addressing current and anticipated building codes and roofing requirements. Our proven, patented seam utilizing the TS-364 panel system’s technology provides superior wind and weather protection under all loading conditions, the seam geometry and seaming methods to virtually assure that your installed metal roof will perform as it was designed at a minimal cost.

RHR-9000 High Rib Roof Panel

This versatile insulated panel is equally impressive for exterior wall or roof applications. Available with R-values up to 42, the RHR-9000 gets especially high marks as a roof panel for commercial buildings, recreational facilities, cold storage buildings and other low temperature applications. It is designed for use in both new and re-roof applications where speed of erection, light weight and thermal efficiency add value to the roofing system.