Our steel building system construction offers value on any low-rise commercial building need anywhere in BC. From retail space to a light industrial center to a busy community center, we provide aesthetically pleasing, cost-efficient metal buildings. When you choose our metal building systems, you have the ability to customize your metal building, designing it to the specific needs of your project; just choose the architectural exterior that you want and design the interior space to fit your individual needs.

Typically, design build projects in BC require structural engineers to work directly with the architect during the conceptual design stages to determine the structural framing requirements for these types of special projects. Wayne, as a certified Structural Engineering Technologist and draftsman by trade, has the knowledge and ability to fulfill all of these roles, thus speeding up the process of getting your metal building project done! Additionally, with over 100 years of professional engineering experience on staff, including both owners of the company, Rigid can offer innovative and economical structural solutions to these complex steel structures.

As a privately owned and operated business, we regard each project as a reflection of our company. Our name and reputation characterize the buildings we deliver; therefore, we design and fabricate our product accordingly.