Metal Buildings

Rigid strives to provide complete product information to help you make the best possible choices for your building needs. If the answers to your questions are not here, please call to speak with Wayne at Plumb Level Construction: 250-613-9015.

Our steel system construction offers value on any low-rise commercial building need. From retail space to a light industrial structures to busy community centres, Rigid Global Builds provides aesthetically pleasing, cost-efficient space.

Rigid Global Buildings has developed a state-of-the-art metal building manufacturing facility and material work flow system that is the best in the industry.  Our innovative use of technology and CNC machinery provides the highest quality building systems available at competitive pricing that gives you, the customer, substantial savings.

Rigid offers a complete steel-framed building system, with metal building components pre-designed to fit together in a vast variety of combinations to meet the unique requirements of specific end uses. Here, you can learn about the advantages of using metal on your next construction project.

There are a variety of different metal frame systems to choose from when designing your metal building. Choose from all these different frame systems to meet the specific needs of your project: rigid frame, straight column, beam and column or lean-to frames.

Metal roofing systems are available in a variety of different profiles including standing seam metal roofing, through fastened metal roof panels, ribbed or striated metal roof panels – all available in a myriad of different Energy Star approved colors.

In addition to metal roofing, Rigid also offers a variety of metal wall systems to complete the look of your metal building. Choose from StuccoPlus, StuccoLite, Embossed, Shadowline or Ribbed wall panels.