FAQs About BC Metal Buildings

How long is it going to take to erect my building?

This is a question that is better answered after we have started discussions and determined the size and scope of the project, but the quick answer is “We will finish your metal building weeks or months faster than standard construction practices.” When time and money are important to your expansion or building project, choosing to go with us is the smart decision because we will save you both!

Is Rigid a single source manufacturer?

Yes, Rigid Global Buildings manufactures the primary and structural framing and panels for our building systems. We offer complete solutions, so you only have 1 person to deal with, and 1 phone call to make: 250-613-9015.

What areas of BC do you service?

We service most of BC, from Abbotsford in the lower-mainland, North. Our crew of accredited construction personnel will be able to you help you whether you live in rural Northern BC or the more urbanized areas of Central BC. Give us a call today at 250-613-9015.

What services do you offer?

We offer complete support, from the very beginning stages of building conception and design, right through to finishing and fine detailed work. We have a long-standing track record in the residential and commercial renovation and construction market, which means we have the ability to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to helping you with your expanding business and new metal building construction.

What types of projects/buildings do you offer?

Rigid Global Buildings manufactures and designs a variety of buildings from our simple Quickie Buildings up to complex multi-story office buildings. Please view our gallery and our pages on the different types of metal buildings that we can build to see examples of what our capabilities are.

How much is my metal building going to cost?

There are a lot of factors that go into the price of your metal building and since no two buildings are identical we do not typically publish pricing. If you would like to speak with Wayne to get a quote on your project please give him a call today at 250-613-9015.